Hyped for Hoco 2021!


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Amelie Salum Rapetti, Reporter


Homecoming is back! Last year’s bleak online school year robbed West Boca’s students of the chance to experience iconic high school experiences like Homecoming, Prom, Pep Rally, and many other traditional activities. However, the school staff, administration, and student government has worked hard to make Homecoming a reality this school year.

Save the date for Saturday November 6th, from 8 – 11pm. The Homecoming dance will be held inside the gym. In order to adjust to COVID protocols there is a limit on how many students can attend. In previous years, all students from all grade levels could purchase tickets to attend; in past years, the capacity was over 2000 students. However, this year there will only be 700 tickets sold, and tickets are already sold out!

The PTSA will be offering a shoe and bag check service for only $10. When the dress shoes become too uncomfortable, the shoe and bag check service will ensure that your things are safely stored and in exchange students will be given socks they can wear. Remember to bring a picture of your ticket, if not printed, and some form of identification, student identification is preferred. Also, be sure to turn in your sign mask pledge to student services before the dance in order to be admitted; the mask pledge is provided online after you purchase your ticket.

Last, but certainly not least, the theme for West Boca’s 2021 Homecoming dance is Dark Enchanted Forest!