Donate to the Toy Drive Today!


Lucas Oliveira, Reporter

Are you in need of community service hours? Or perhaps you’re just in the mood to give during this season of cheer! Well, in either case, you’re in luck, because the Italian club is offering everyone a chance for both with this holiday’s toy drive! 

For all those interested in this new opportunity, there’s still plenty of time left to be a part of this charity. The holiday toy drive will last until December 11, always open during school hours, so that gives you more than enough time to help the needy. 

Please drop off any toys you can to Dr. De Tollis’s room, 12-110. For every two toys, you get one hour of community service, with the maximum amount of hours you can get being six! Please remember to bring unwrapped toys. 

All toys will be dropped off and given to the families at the Caridad clinic, a clinic that helps families with poor means and no medical plans. 

Please contact 561-699-0863.

Happy holidays!