Consider Us: WBHS Dance to Present its First Feature Performance


Victoria Arosemena, Roaming Reporter

And the curtain finally opens. Finally… After three years of being a part of this academy, we are finally able to get up there and give our all. We have not been given the opportunity to be considered, we have not gotten to prove ourselves. And the day is finally here. I have dreamt of this day since the day we were told our first show was cancelled due to the pandemic. I have dreamt of showing the community the passion, creativity, and the dedication that one can find in every single one of our dancers. I am ecstatic to FINALLY share that our first ever dance concert is taking place December 14th of 2021. This academy has existed since 2019. Three prolonged years of building anticipation and saying “coming soon”. It is not coming soon anymore, it is finally here. This is the inspiration that allowed us to come up with the whole concept of our show this winter.

CONSIDER US. Consider our dancers, consider our teachers, consider our crew, consider our acquaintances, consider our ideas, consider donating, consider supporting, consider showing up. CONSIDER US. This concert is not named that way because it sounded cool, it is not a random two words that we decided to put together. Our show is not a typical or emotionless
2 hour performance. This is a beautifully formed expression of our feelings, our values, and our passions. Every person behind the scenes has not only put their blood, sweat, and tears into this, but also their entire heart. After constant rehearsals, technique classes, board meetings, promises for a better program, future hope, and endless laughs. We are able to show up and share the amount of talent that walks past the halls of this school everyday and is looked over. It is true, how can you get behind a performing arts program that you have never once seen perform? Well… here is your opportunity to consider it. Here we are with open arms giving you our best and hoping that we are finally put on the map.

This show is only our first step through the door. Imagine what is coming in the future.We want to expand what we have begun to build and for it to grow even once we have to leave.This is our story. This is a story of pain, joy, but most of all, hope. We finally come out of room 3-111, we finally provide our perspectives. The most used phrase in our four walls in the past year has been “just wait ‘till next year”, well it is next year. And we refuse to wait any longer. So please enjoy, laugh, cry, and hope with us. We plan on showing up and hope you do so with us. And the curtain will not close until we have done everything possible to prevent it. CONSIDER US.