District X: Here We Go Again


Madison Ginsberg, Roaming Reporter

On December 4th, West Boca High School’s Theatre Department brought back the in person joys of one of their most exciting events of the year, Districts. As schools all across Palm Beach County come together to compete in individual events, large group numbers, and so much more, West Boca High School is the proud representative of District X. 

One of West Boca High Schools student district representatives is Jillian Borie, who was so excited to kick off the competition season with her fellow bulls. After asking co-president and district rep,  Borie shares how she enjoys taking on the role, exclaiming how she loves planning fun events for her troupe and seeing all of the excited young faces, especially of the freshmen. She says that having the opportunity to plan such a widespread event such as districts with so many other theater departments and watching it vividly come together is what brings her the most joy throughout the process. Being the district representative is a huge responsibility, and she explains how she is required to attend state wide meetings, where the festivals are thoroughly planned to therefore lead into the major event.

At state, students across the federation of Florida attend convention classes with special guests strikingly seen throughout the theater community along with similar individual events as seen at districts. With that, being a district representative requires a lot of leadership skills that Jillian has progressively learned about from the process. Borie declares that all of the stress is worth it in the end and that nothing beats the feeling of appreciation when people come up to her at the end of the day thanking her and her fellow representatives, along with our school director, Mr.Blank for all of their hard work. 

West Boca High School is proud to announce that we have received 16 Critics Choice awards, 54 superiors, and 21 Excellents. To go more in depth, a “Critics Choice” award is what performers receive if they got the highest and or the judges felt that piece was of quality to represent District X at the state level. Of our performances that received “Critics Choice” they easily ranged from small group acting pieces, to pantomimes, to duet musicals, and large group musicals. As we took home 16 Critics Choice awards, that was by far the most West Boca has received in all of the 18 years we’ve been a department. After the students of West Boca had all performed their pieces making it to the final showcase of the night, a panel of judges was chosen to determine the runner up and the piece that would therefore represent District X on the state level. As West Boca’s 16 events performed on stage that night along with many others from schools such as American Heritage Delray and Boca High, only one winner was chosen. West Boca High School was proudly selected to represent the entirety of District X for their large group musical “38 Planes Reprise” from the musical Come From Away. Words cannot describe the excitement in the crowd upon the announcement of our Troupes selection. It was a very protruding moment for the career of these high schoolers granted with the opportunity to perform in front of thousands of other students at the state level in Tampa this March. Cheers and cries flourished in the auditorium filled with hundreds of students with the same love and joy for theatre as our very own Troupe 6760 had.

Yet another rewarding experience and weekend for the students of Troupe 6760. Nothing beats the hard work these students put into their pieces this year and that was distinctly shown through the astonishing scores these Bulls had received.  As we go into the 2022 school year we wish Troupe 6760 the best of luck at states!!!