New Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Higgins


Isaac Edelman, Reporter

The West Boca Bullseye would like to welcome Mr. Higgins, a new teacher and coach at West Boca High School!

Mr. Higgins will be West Boca´s new soccer coach, taking over a talented team that sits at 10-2-1.

Mr. Higgins will also be West Boca´s new AICE Media and Comm Tech teacher. AICE Media is a Cambridge course that offers learners the chance and opportunity to gather an understanding of the media industry in our daily lives. Comm Tech, meanwhile, teaches students Photoshop and other communication technology.

Background Information

Tajay Higgins - 2014 - #11 Men's Soccer - St. Thomas University Athletics

Mr. Higgins was born in Jamaica where he became in love with the sport of soccer.

Mr. Higgins attended the University of Mobile in Alabama for college, where he played varsity soccer on a full scholarship for two and a half years. Then, Mr. Higgins transferred to St. Thomas University where he finished his college soccer career. 

From there, soccer opened up the door for Mr. Higgins to pursue a Masters degree in sports administration and a PhD in business administration.

Mr. Higgins has some wise words for high schoolers and other children: “When you work hard for something like I did in playing soccer,  you really cherish what you have gained.”