Club Spotlight: Black Student Union


WBHS Black Student Union

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Vincent Shockley, Reporter

In their second year, the WBHS Black Student Union continues to strive by being able to “encourage and empower an environment of comfortability for students within and extending the black race.” This Union is open for all to join and has a main purpose of installing pride for Black culture. According to the official Instagram account, “A sense of community is built in BSU whether black white orange or green.”

As for leadership, this club is currently being led by current study body president Caydin Hazziez along with the Co-Vice President Alyssia Wright (who had originally founded the Union in November 2020). Aside from Caydin and Alyssia, here are the other roles being fulfilled: 

  • Secretary- Stacey Saint Jean
  • Historian- Tyana Demezier 
  • Chief Liaison- Glassy Gregoire
  • Black History Month Coordinator- Marcklen Cirius 
  • Vice President- Claury Carner

With it being Black History Month, the Black Student Union is having a month full of events. This will include new spirit days occurring each week along with one event. The Instagram account stated “We’ve had the opportunity to use a very cool space near the mall sponsored by the YMCA where we’re holding a game night, and karaoke/open mic night on two different occasions.”  The BSU also held a panelist night which led to the invitation to some of our communities best experts in their fields which Black Student Union members were able to ask questions to. 

Already this month, there have been two meetings held, the first was a Hip-Hop trivia with the second being an in-depth discussion on the origin of African American history and relating it to our present day. As this club continues to grow, it should be expected that there will be more and more events. This club will continue to expand and be a voice for the black community at our school. 

Follow their official Instagram account at: WBHS Black Student Union