“Pi” a Teacher For Prom!


Lucas M Oliveira, Reporter

Have you ever wanted to pie your teacher in the face? Well, you’re in luck, because now you can do it without getting suspended! These brave teachers below are eligible for a poll in which students can vote those they want to see get pied. Votes are only $1 and will go for a great cause. 

Mrs. Barlow 

Mrs. Jacobowitz

Mr. Toms

Mr. Pascucci

Mrs. Ali

Mr. Edelman

Mrs. Nygren

Mrs. Wiles

Mr. Carboni

Mr. Kux

Dr. Baldelomar

Mr. Hansen

Mrs. Whittaker

Mrs. Santoro

Mrs. Stanescu

Mr. Womble

Mrs. Jacques

Mr. Williams

Ms. Mochel

Mrs. Steel

Voting will be held in the school’s courtyard during lunch. The 3 most voted teachers will be the ones who get pied. On March 9th, one lucky student for each teacher will be selected from the votes to have the honor of throwing a pie in that teacher’s face, so the more times you vote the higher chance you will have of winning! Then, on March 10th, the teachers will be pied.

All proceeds will go towards buying prom tickets for students at our school who need assistance buying them. So why not put forward a dollar? You get a show, and help the less fortunate! Vote early and vote often!