Lucas M Oliveira, Reporter

This review is spoiler free!

Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman stars Robert Pattinson, Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, and Colin Farrell. In this new tale, the Dark Knight must work together with new and old allies to put a stop to crime boss Carmine Falcone, and the sadistic Riddler, who seeks to show Gotham City it’s darkest secrets whilst targeting the corrupt. The film reunites audiences with the caped crusader in his first solo film in nearly a decade. 

And my, what a reunion this film gave us.

There is not one actor who is out of place, or does not play their role to perfection. First off is Robert Pattinson, who brings a new, deep, and interesting take on Gotham’s vigilante. Pattinson introduces us to an inexperienced Batman who has all but forgotten who Bruce Wayne is. We are given a tortured, traumitized Bruce Wayne who neglects his duties to maintain his family’s legacy, an orphan who takes to the nights wreaking nothing but vengeance and fury against the underworld. Pattinson and Reeves have gifted us with another fantastic portrayal of everyone’s favorite brooding hero.

Zoe Kravitz presents us with what just might be the best depiction of Catwoman yet, and with her on-screen performance, we are gifted with what is definitely the best relationship between the masked vigilante and cat-burglar, as Pattinson and Kravitz share incredible chemistry. Jeffrey Wright plays a fantastic Jim Gordon, and what is probably the best partnership between Batman and Gordon. Andy Serkis, despite his limited time in the film, plays a likable and important role in Bruce’s life.

The film’s attempts at evoking serial killer vibes from the Riddler does not go unnoticed, as Paul Dano brings a campy, yet terrifying portrayal of the Riddler. Even in scenes where he is strictly shown through a cell phone, Dano comes across as nothing short of intimidating. His co-star, Colin Farrell, who plays Oswald Cobblepot, the Penguin, disappears into his role. He steals every scene he is in, and I, for one, cannot wait for his HBO Max series! 

Besides the cast, the film looks stunning. It is a satisfying break from the same style and look of the average comic-book film. The film’s dirty, grimy look helps contribute to the film’s overall atmosphere and helps set the perfect tone. With Greig Fraser as cinematographer and Matt Reeves behind the camera, you are never left with a dull-looking scene. 

Although The Batman is more of a noir detective film than a superhero movie, it is not without its action, and the action in this film is superb. From hand-to-hand combat with street-level goons to car chases, The Batman dazzles its audiences with spectacular choreography and intense battles. 

One thing that every previous Batman incarnation on screen has shared is its fantastic score by their composers. Every composer who has tackled the soundtrack for a Batman movie has done so magnificently. So it is nothing short of a mighty challenge for any artist to not only live up to their predecessors, but create a unique and powerful soundtrack that could rival the caped crusader’s previous themes. 

Yet Michael Giacchino does exactly that! I believe this is one of the dark knight’s best scores yet. Giacchino’s soundtrack is haunting and scary, yet triumphant and heroic, and at the same time somber. It suits the world the film illustrates perfectly, and fits the characters even better.

The only nitpick I can even find is the film’s runtime, as it might stretch on for far too long for some viewers, running at a solid 175 minutes.

As a longtime fan of Batman, this film gave me everything I ever wanted and more. Fans of the Dark Knight will not be disappointed with this film, as will casual moviegoers. I’d highly recommend this film to anyone with the time and money to spare. Check it out as soon as you can.

I give The Batman a 5/5.

For those concerned, The Batman is rated PG-13 for strong violent and disturbing content, drug content, strong language, and some suggestive material.