The Process: Mr and Miss Bull

Natasha Kuneff, Reporter

This week the tryouts to become the next Mr or Miss Bull took place. The following students candidates for this prestigious position are:

Mr Bull: Tyler Cordero, Marcklen Cirius, and Gabriel Sharifi.

Miss Bull: Mollie Weinstein, and Ashleigh Spiers.


There are a series of steps each candidate must go through, which include:

1. Application

2. Interview

3. Mock Spirit Week

4. Mock Pep Rally

5. Voting


The mock spirit week was as follows:

Tuesday – Mario Kart Day

Wednesday – Founding Fathers Day

Thursday – Appliance Day (including a mock pep rally)

Friday – Blue and Gold (West Boca Spirit Day)


Next Tuesday and Wednesday is voting, so make sure to get your votes in! Your english teacher will pass out the ballots.