2022 Senior Send-Off


Nicole Stone, Reporter

Congratulations to all of the West Boca 2022 seniors!  

Specifically, to Maya, Jonah, Ariana, Jackie, Amelie, Lucas, and Arnella: thank you. Thank you for editing all of our articles. Thank you for being role models. Thank you for all of the advice. We wish you all of the best in your future endeavors! We will definitely miss you all! 

The Bullseye interviewed our 7 seniors from the 2022 staff, with their answers provided below. 


What college are you going to?     

Ariana: FAU

Jackie: FAU 

Arnella: Northeastern University

Jonah: UCF – Burnett Honors College

Maya: I’m planning on taking a gap year 

Lucas: My mind is dead-set on FAU. 

Amelie: UM (Miami)


What do you want to pursue (major)? 

Ariana: Psychology

Jackie: Criminal Law

Arnella: Behavioral Neuroscience 

Jonah: Environmental Studies

Maya: Psychology 

Lucas: Graphic Design.

Amelie: Business


Any advice for incoming students? 

Ariana: Make the best of it while you’re in it, 4 years goes by fast.

Jackie: Be involved as much as possible. 

Arnella: Right when entering high school begin pushing yourself to the best of your abilities with a goal oriented mindset. 

Jonah: Stay diligent and put your head down. Make sure you prioritize your balance; do not give yourself too much to do and overwhelm yourself.

Maya: Don’t slack off, come to school, I learned the hard way. 

Lucas: Have a clear path that you want to go down. Work hard, but make the best of the time you have here, and have fun. 

Amelie: It’s good to be focused, but don’t take high school too seriously. It’s not the A’s and B’s that you remember, it’s the laughs, experiences, and memories.


What is your favorite subject, and why? 

Ariana: Psychology because I love to know why and how, and psychology is the why and how of people.

Jackie: History because I love learning about the past. 

Arnella: Science and English because I love to learn about medicine and science is used in medicine and because I truly love to write 

Jonah: If I had to choose, it would be music. I love being in band and making music with my friends.

Maya: history because the stories are interesting 

Lucas: I don’t have a favorite subject since that would imply I liked my classes. Just kidding, I like my computer class.

Amelie: Math, I love knowing there’s an indisputable, exact right answer.


If you could do high school all over again, what would you change? 

Ariana: I probably wouldn’t move senior year.

Jackie: I wouldn’t move junior year. 

Arnella: I would make sure to catch up on more hours of sleep because sleep is vital for your health

Jonah: I would try my best to plan my courses for all four years ahead of time. That way, you know your path and are able to make any adjustments later on if needed.

Maya: Not losing motivation mid junior year 

Lucas: I would love to go back to my junior year and stop from slacking off, since that never pays off, and I would like to plan things out a little more. 

Amelie: I would join more athletic teams; they are a commitment that is totally worth it and so rewarding. 


Once again, Congratulations!! 

-The West Boca 2022 Bullseye Staff