Tuesday May 10th- Mental Health Symposium


Information about tonight’s event

Loni Solomon, Reporter

The West Boca Newspaper asked Ms.Townsend crucial questions about the upcoming mental health event being held at West Boca. 



When and where is the event?  May 10th at 5:30pm in the Media Center


What is the purpose of this event? to inform and educate our school community about the various types of mental health resources available to them and to erase the stigma of mental illness


Who will be presenting at this event? various local providers (see flier)


Who will most benefit from the event? anyone and everyone interested in improving their mental health or that of someone they know; anyone who might be interested in pursuing a career in psychology/psychiatry


What are your hopes for this event?  that students and their families will feel more comfortable talking and learning about the various aspects of mental health conditions the same way they talk about physical health; that they will feel comfortable in seeking out help where help is needed/wanted; that they will tell someone they know is in need about the various supports and resources available in our community


What resources should students know are available for them?  Come and find out!