Bullseye Wins Awards!

The Sun Sentinel recognizes student journalists with their competition.


First place wins for Jonah Lynne and Lucas Oliviera!

The West Boca Bullseye is proud to announce that we have been awarded four nominations in The Sun-Sentinel High School Journalism Awards for 2021-2022.  The students have worked hard all year and were rewarded for their efforts. We submitted 10 articles and 4 were recognized in the competition! The following have been recognized as the best of the best in Palm Beach and Broward Counties.

Congratulations to:

Jonah Lynne– First Place for his article “A Brief History of Derogatory Sports Team Names”

Lucas Oliviera- First Place For his article “The Dark Knight’s Triumphant Return to Theaters”

Isaac Edelman – 3rd Runner Up for the Social Media for our Instagram account

Madison Ginsberg– 2nd Runner Up for “District X: Here We Go Again”