Introducing Editor In Chief, Vincent Patrick Shockley


Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Vincent ‘Shock’ Shockley attends West Boca Raton High School. Though working hard as a line cook at the fashionable Carmela’s Coffee Bar, Shockley does his best as a senior to better West Boca Raton High School. He does so by attending most of the entertaining sporting events, participating in the renowned Key Club, and writing splendidly detailed articles in The Bullseye as its very own editor-in-chief.

In spite of all the time he spends on those activities, he still makes time to be a big brother to his three siblings. Shockley always takes up the responsibility of babysitting his little brother. He also conspires on ways to annoy his sisters while playing basketball and golf. On top of that, Shockley spends time playing with his two dogs, four cats, and one bunny, or watching/playing sports.

Over the summer, Shockley went on a journey, not of self-discovery, but a journey with the purpose of visiting his family in Texas and experiencing the culture and food of the infamous New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Though he returned partially sunburnt, he was filled with joy, but that joy did not last for long. What was just a sunburn on his feet, became a disastrous sunburn which resulted in his skin peeling off his body just as a snake molts his skin. Though in pain, Shockley still thinks about his future plans, which are to attend the highly esteemed University of Florida and to pursue a degree in some sort of communications. He also wishes to live long enough to see the end of the world.

But while in the present, Shockley hangs out with his friends such as Carldenis Raymond, Vincent Anthony Vertullo, Avraham Zacaria, Brandon Roberts, and Isaac Edelman. Such is the life of Vincent ‘Shock’ Patrick Shockley the First.