Introduction to Sofia Sierra


Rebecca Kittay, Reporter

Sofia Sierra is currently a Sophomore at West Boca Community High school. Sofia is from Fort Lauderdale and moved to Boca seven years ago.  This is currently her first year on the Bullseye newspaper, where she is interested in writing about movies, current events and sports. Sofia and her friend Ariella created their own club called Women in Esports, where they hope to create a good environment for girls who play video games.  This is her first year doing competitive swimming and she also participates in the National Honor Society and Key Club. She has an older brother named Giancarlo and has 2 dogs; one is an Australian shepherd named Karter who is 2 years old and the other is a Yorkie named Daisy who is currently 8 years old. Sofia went on a cruise for her very first time over the summer and went to Aruba and Haiti. She also got to meet her baby cousin Paul, who is only 5 months old. Sofia spent this summer traveling, relaxing, and figuring out what she wants to do in the future. She also went on a discovery flight where she flew a small plane and further discovered a passion for the sky. Sofia wants to pursue a higher education at an Ivy League School, but it will more likely be UF. She would like to either study psychology or aerodynamics. Sofia is also working hard to get both her AP and AICE diploma and plans to spend most of her time doing homework. She is interested in Marvel movies (Thor: Ragnarok) and Formula One. She also likes to travel, as she has been to Costa Rica, Colombia, Hawaii, and California. Sofia hopes to enjoy the next couple of years in high school as a writer.