Introduction to Vincent Vertullo


Vincent Vertullo, Reporter/Staff Photographer

Born and raised in Boca Raton, Florida, Vincent Vertullo is now a senior in high school with a lot of possibilities ahead of him. Ever since he watched the movie Jurassic Park he wanted to become a paleontologist. After rewatching the movie in 2021 he discovered a new passion: Film. Vincent wanted to learn everything about filmmaking, especially working at his local church as a cameraman for two years. Vincent plans to one day be in the credits of a hit movie or show. He is already on this path, working for TV stations and famous social media influencers. 

Vincent in the past has not had much participation in school, but this year he is spreading his wings a little. He joined the school newspaper to try to gain some experience in writing, and to utilize his talents in video editing, and possibly increase his skill in photography. You may see some of his work on the website and The Bullseye. He feels that maybe what he lacks in writing he could make up for in pictures and videos that he is much more comfortable working on. Vincent is not usually the one to be in front of the camera so if you ever see someone behind a camera and begging to not be forced in front of it, it’s probably him. 

Aside from the technical aspect of his life, Vincent has two older sisters who also attended West Boca. As of writing this article, Vincent owns five animals: a dog, cat, two rabbits, and a turtle (which may or may not stay after this publishes). He plans on buying a couple of ducks this year, fingers crossed. Vincent does not currently partake in any sports, but in the past he learned karate and even got to become a 2nd degree black belt (which took at least 10 years).