Introduction to Olivia Eberhardt


Talia Badalamente, Reporter

Olivia Eberhardt is a junior at West Boca High School. She is originally from Asheville, North Carolina, where she lived up until middle school. After moving to Florida, Olivia attended Bak Middle School of the Arts, where she was accepted into the dance program. Although she doesn’t dance anymore, she has found many new exciting hobbies. Olivia loves to go to the gym, which has led her to take an interest in weightlifting. She loves representing her school, and really makes an effort to show it. While already balancing her high-level classes, she is also part of the school Weightlifting team, Key Club, Teens of Pink Ribbon, and was previously a part of Student Government, serving as last year’s Sophomore Class Secretary. On top of all this, she aspires to join the track team this year. Over the summer, Olivia took on a job at a warehouse for her dad’s company. She found out that she really loves working and is now looking for a new job to pursue this school year. Even with her super busy schedule, Olivia always makes sure to find time to spend with her friends and family. At home, she lives with her mom, dad, and two dogs Echo and Bean. Echo is a calm and sweet German Shepherd, and Bean is a crazy but cute Jack Russell. A fun fact about Olivia is that she is Polish, German, and Irish. She also has a half-brother, Trevor, who is 35 years old.

  Olivia’s drive for academics has always been exceptional. While playing a huge active role in her high school, she looks forward to furthering her academics somewhere out of state. One of her dream schools is Ohio State University. She plans on majoring in political science, and then furthering her education by moving on to law school.