Introducing Julia Palhares


Emma Lawman, Reporter

Julia Palhares moved to America from Brazil four years ago. She adapted quickly to her situation, in spite of the challenges she faced being separated from where she was born and raised.  As an example, she is a good student and does well in school. Julia is also involved in many of the programs and clubs that our school has to offer. From the time she was a freshman, she has been involved in the Key Club, the Save the Ocean Club, and the Design Academy. When she became a Junior, she joined the National Honors Society (NHS) ,and now, as a Senior, she has joined the West Boca Bullseye. As I’m sure you can tell, Julia has had a pretty busy few years. 

    While Julia is dedicated to her education, she is much more than a student. Her job actually puts her in the opposite of a studentś position. During the school year, she works as a tutor for young kids. This summer Julia worked as a waitress when she wasn’t spending time with friends and family. She has quite a few hobbies, that includes: reading, baking, and Jiu-jitsu. For her future plans, Julia wants to go to school in America and possibly become an Architect or an Environmental Engineer. 

Later on, she says that she wants to travel and maybe move to another country; Julia doesn’t plan on slowing things down when she gets out of school. She says that the reason she wanted to write for the school newspaper is that she wanted to be, “part of something bigger at school. “ Julia believes that the Bullseye will help her to meet people with similar interests; she has a passion for writing. She wants to give the Design Academy the attention it deserves, and we can also expect to see articles about politics and current events from Julia.  She will be a valuable asset to the West Boca Bullseye.