Introducing Isaac Edelman


Dylan Gaynor, Reporter

Returning to The Bullseye this year is our second year social media manager and writer, Isaac Edelman.

If you have ever been to a West Boca High football game, you surely will recognize Isaac’s voice, as he was the announcer for the Bulls last year. It’s no secret that Isaac has a passion for sports broadcasting, as this summer he labored to perfect his craft by attending 3 different Broadcasting camps in Boca Raton, New York and Philadelphia. He has certainly put in the work to improve the viewing experience for all Bulls fans. Bulls football is almost back, and so is Isaac.

So what is Isaac’s involvement in The Bullseye? To put it simply, he does it all. If you follow The Bullseye on social media, every post and caption has been expertly articulated by Isaac to ensure the newspaper’s online presence stays true to our “All News, No Bull” guarantee. You would think that amount of work would satisfy Isaac’s responsibilities, but you would be mistaken. Isaac also writes for our sports column, helps to manage our website, and helps other staff to ensure smooth operations.

While it’s clear Isaac is well known for his broadcasting ability and his involvement with the newspaper, his life away from the microphone and the newspaper is just as exciting. Isaac was born in Boca Raton with his twin brother, and has lived here his whole life. When he isn’t hyping up crowds in the press box or posting on The Bullseye’s social media, you can probably find him on the tennis court, or playing with Bailey, his mini Goldendoodle.