Introducing Gabriella Zarubinsky


Natasha Kuneff, Managing Editor

Gabriella Zarubinsky is a junior in high school, and she is currently the Vice President of Spanish National Honors Society at West Boca in addition to being a Bullseye reporter. However, since she has moved to Florida, she quit competitive dance (which she has been involved with since three) and instead joined the hip hop dance team at West Boca and uses her skills from it as well as gymnastics to be JV cheer captain for the school. She played the piano when she was younger, but while that did not last, it caused her to better appreciate music. Now, Gabriella is able to play the ukulele, yet it primarily evolved into her playing on the guitar after she received it for her thirteenth birthday.

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, Gabriella loved living in the big city (and would again if given the chance), but she moved to Florida last year. Though she had no siblings to make the move with, she has three dogs she considers close as family. She grew up speaking Russian, Ukrainian, English, and has been studying Spanish since she was eight, so her fascination with languages began at an early age. In her spare time, she tries to learn the basics of other languages.

Not only does Gabriella enjoy being a part of school activities, she is also an intern at the Delray courthouse. She works as a clerk and is able to sit in trials. It is a valuable opportunity for her as she wants to be a lawyer or go into political science so that she is better able to understand the field and its intricacies. Her passion is supported by her love of watching crime documentaries, and meanwhile cooking food from different cuisines on the side, always on the search for authentic recipes.