Introducing Emma Lawman


Julia Palhares, Reporter

An aspiring writer, avid reader, music lover. Those are just some of the adjectives that describe the newest member of The Bullseye staff: Emma Lawman. She is a junior, meaning she is extremely focused on her classes and academics, taking three college level classes.

She was born in Baltimore, Maryland, moved to Georgia at the age of five, then later on, at 13 years old, moved to the sunshine state, Florida. The eldest daughter of three, she has two younger brothers, four cats, and one dog. She spent her summer in the seaside town of Pensacola, with her immediate family and enjoyed the beautiful landscape and the charming city.

Emma knows better than anyone that to become a writer, you need to be a reader first. She enjoys historical fiction, fantasy and autobiographies about people she is interested in. One of her favorite books is, The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, as it portrays the underdogs as the main characters and shows the people that she “roots for”. The unforgettable quote “Stay Golden, Ponyboy” is especially important to her, as it “reinforces (her) belief that you can stay young at heart.”

As a member of the newspaper staff, Emma hopes to become a better writer and create friendships with the people who share the same love for writing as her. Not to mention, the class, she points out, will push her abilities and challenge her to become a better and more creative writer. By surrounding herself with people as passionate as her, Emma is certain that they can only help her achieve her biggest dream of becoming a successful and well-known book author.