Start rushing to Club Rush


Sofia Sierra, Reporter

Welcome one, welcome all to our very own annual school Club Rush! Taking place on Friday, August 26th during lunch, our 2022 club rush will feature over 30 clubs brought to you by a variety of students and teachers alike. 

Club Rush is hosted every year to bring awareness to the many clubs that our school offers. It is a popular nationwide event that many other schools host to promote school involvement. Mrs. Steel, our new club director, tells us that “The purpose is to expose the kids to all the amazing and interesting clubs that we have to offer at West Boca HS. Sometimes kids don’t even know they are interested in something till they see it in front of their faces.” Club rush is a great way to become involved in our community and show school spirit by joining a few different clubs. 

Club Rush begins at the start of lunch and runs until the very end. There will be many tables lining the sides of the courtyard filled with flashy posters and flyers. Some clubs even offer some tasty incentives. Because it is very hectic, it’s best to prepare by looking at the lists of clubs West Boca offers and keeping a few in mind as the ones you want to join. 

For the students with their own clubs, Mrs. Steel advises that “The sponsors of the clubs should really be the ones preparing the student’s for club rush.” Any student with a club should talk to their sponsor about future club dates and plan on preparing a poster to broadcast their club. Make sure to have all the info on the club and a google classroom sign-in sheet ready to go. 

Here are just a few of the clubs that will be showcased this year:

-Black Student Union

-Step Team


-Key Club

-Kindness Matters

-Art Club

…and many more; We are excited to see you this Friday!!