Say Hello to Homecoming!


Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

It’s Homecoming season Bulls! As we all get settled back into the school routine, we can now look forward to the many special events that take place during the school year! Homecoming is right around the corner, coming up on September 16th. Students can purchase tickets every day during lunch for $45 via cash or check. Tickets will not be available for purchasing online this year.


Leading up to Homecoming, students can also begin preparing for the highly-anticipated Spirit Week! On Tuesday, September 13th, Fun Lunch will be held for everyone to enjoy. Make sure to bring some cash so you can buy some delicious food.


 Last year, we were approaching almost 100% normalcy following Covid-19, yet things were still not completely how we wanted them to be. Pep rallies were outside in the scorching hot Florida sun, which many people weren’t too thrilled about. Luckily, this year things are taking a turn for the best: pep rallies are back to the gym! The pep rally will be held on Friday, September 15th. Members of our SGA have been working diligently to plan everything out, bringing us the best Spirit Week and Homecoming possible. 


This year’s Homecoming theme is Bulls In Space! Make sure to check out The Bullseye for consistent updates on Homecoming and everything you need to know!