From Tacos to Touchdowns: Gamboa is Cookin’


Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

 Meet Herbert Emilio Gamboa, an assistant football coach, and the newly hired culinary teacher. Coming from Southern California, Mr. Gamboa relocated to Florida and has graced West Boca Raton High School with his football and culinary expertise.

It can be difficult to juggle two activities that require a lot of focus. However, Mr. Gamboa has a mindset that allows him to do so. He believes that time management skills and the ability to discern when it is time for culinary and when it is time for football are necessary. And he puts a hundred percent of himself into whatever activity he is focused on.

“You have to have time management skills, and you have to know when it’s culinary time and football time, whenever [it is], you need 100% focus and grit.” – Gamboa

As the defensive coach, Gamboa is effective with the training and conditioning of his players. He also cares about their health, education, and mental status. He personally demonstrates how the linebackers should move and call plays, in order to help them visualize what they are supposed to do. This has prompted the defense to not allow a single touchdown in their game against John I. Leonard.

As the culinary teacher, Gamboa is brimming with excitement for when he and his students will get into the kitchen. He is also grateful to introduce and teach students about the world of cooking, all the while maintaining their safety. According to Mr. Gamboa, “The most important things to know in the kitchen are the safety measures.”

Mr. Gamboa became interested in cooking to pursue his love: eating good food. In fact, the one thing he loves more than football is eating. To be able to make his own food is a dream come true for Mr. Gamboa.

True to his Californian beginnings, a California Mexican-Style Wet Burrito is Mr. Gamboa’s favorite food. A giant burrito filled with french fries, carne asada, cheese, and other assorted items. Also topped with a red or white sauce. An excellent meal for any person. And Mr. Gamboa’s favorite food to cook is paella, a Spanish dish typically consisting of rice, saffron, and a variety of seafood.

Mr. Gamboa plans to go 10-0 for this football season and to be undefeated in the kitchen as well. We expect many great things from Mr. Gamboa, and can’t wait to see what he’ll cook up in the kitchen and on the football field!