BookTok Favorites : Worth the Hype?


Julia Palhares, Reporter

If you are a teenager, you probably have TikTok downloaded on your phone. But did you know about a community within the app called “BookTok”? It focuses on recommending and reviewing books, from mysteries and thrillers to romance novels. As an avid reader myself, I compiled four of the most popular ones that I have read and wrote my opinion on them: 

It Ends with Us – Colleen Hoover 

#1 NewYork Times BestSeller, this romance novel is well known among Tiktok users. It follows the story of Lily, who has just moved and is ready to start college. She then meets Ryle and starts falling for him, despite his GIGANTIC red flags. As she falls deeper and deeper in love, she reencounters Atlas, her first love and shakes things up in her newest relationship. 

I read this book in one sitting, I laughed and cried, was shocked and surprised, all at once. This book isn’t only about romance, it is about overcoming generational trauma, hard work, pursuing dreams and toxic relationships. It instantly became one of my favorites by Colleen and definitely deserves a 5 star rating!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo –  Taylor Jenkins Reid

The glamorous Hollywood presents a (not so successful) journalist, Monique, who is surprised when one of the biggest movie stars of all time requires her, personally, to publish an interview about her life. Evelyn Hugo isn’t just a woman who married seven guys. As she tells her story, a series of plot twists and details are revealed that will keep you hooked on the story. 

As I sat on my couch reading this book, I could only think how we don’t actually know people. We’re so used to judging and assuming that when we actually get to know someone, their true personality shocks us. The extraordinary Evelyn and her story with Monique explores themes such as acceptance and even sexuality. Booktok was right in hyping up this book, 5/5!

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder– Holly Jackson

Are you trying to pull an all-nighter reading a book? If so, this is the exact book for you. It follows the story of Andie Bell, who was murdered 5 years ago by her boyfriend and whose body was never found. Pippa doesn’t buy that story. She is determined to find the truth and people in the village are not thrilled with that.

I love a good twisty crime thriller that will account for sleepless nights that I spent shivering in fear. Ok, maybe not so dramatic. It won’t keep you up at night, but it might cause you to bite your nails… Definitely recommend it for people who like suspense and plot twists. In my personal opinion, it is a ⅘ stars; I am more of a romance girl.

The Shadows Between Us–  Tricia Levenseller

Enemies to lovers is a classic but nevertheless catchy trope. Alessandra is the second born daughter of a lord, always overlooked and ignored; she’s determined to win the Prince’s heart, marry him, and then kill him and steal his kingdom. The Prince has some sort of shadowy barrier around him, which protects him physically and won’t allow anyone to get closer, which is one of the reasons that she can’t carry on with her plan. Another one is: she has feelings for him.

Alessandra is a strong female lead who fought for her own freedom and is determined to get what she wants. Themes such as fear of being vulnerable and true love makes this book one of the best ones I’ve ever read. Full of humor and enough mystery to keep you turning page after page, this book deserves a  5/5 rating!

These reviews were solely written based on my personal opinion and you might have to read the books to see whether you agree or not!