A Crush On The Course


Rebecca Kittay, Reporter

West Boca Girls’ Varsity Golf Team had their first match September 20th against Atlantic.  It was an away game as well as a successful victory.    Captains Rebecca Kittay and Madison Lowenstein  had the 2 lowest scores from both teams.  Every player on the West Boca team did a wonderful job. With the time and effort shown only in their first match, we know that this season will be a great one.  Each player gave it their all and we look forward to seeing what is next. 

Coach Bonina (head coach) and Coach Dave (assistant coach) said “The team was overall positive and focused which let the team get their first win. There is a very good upside for our players. They are putting in the work and it shows with their growth. It’s very important to me that each player has a great positive experience.  I know I will help each player mentally without them even knowing it.  I see some who get frustrated and the goal is to keep them calmer. Sports are very much mental and that is an aspect I will help each player achieve. My goal for them is to always feel confident.” Next week, the Lady Bulls will play 3 straight matches against Boca High (away), Park Vista (home), and Olympic Heights (home).  The coaches said “It will be tough but good for the team to compete.”  Good luck ladies!