Green Fairways Ahead

Rebecca Kittay, Reporter

The start of the 2022 West Boca Boys Varsity golf season is here!  Matthew Hanley, the Boys coach for 6 years,  has done a great job working to get his team ready for the season. 

Here is a Q & A:

Question: Who are the captains of the WBHS Golf team? 

Answer: The captains this year are Kasper Shroff and Zachary Bennett

Question: Coach’s message to their team: 

Answer: The message I have for our team is to work to improve their game as the year progresses, to compete as hard as they can each match, and to represent themselves, their family, and their school in the appropriate manner.

Question: Most looking forward to this season

Answer: I’m most looking forward to seeing our team get better each match.

Captains Kasper Shroff and Zachary Bennett have been playing for several years.  Zachary started playing at 5 or 6 years old.  Kasper has been playing since he was very young.  On occasion, he plays in tournaments.  

 Kasper Shroff:  Kasper has been playing golf “since the womb” He is looking forward to having an enjoyable season with his teammates.  Jeein (another golfer on the team) is someone that inspires him because he just started playing and he already made the team.

Zachary Bennett: Zachary is a senior and joined the golf team because he played and enjoyed golf.  In addition, his brother was on the team and told him he should join. Zachary is most looking forward to playing at new and different courses.

Ryan Brown:  Ryan is a freshman, and joined the team because he had already been playing golf for a while. Ryan said that this is the only sport that he took seriously. His goal for this season is to win as many matches as possible. 

Corey Kling: Corey is a senior, he plays baseball so he joined the golf team since they are similar sports. Baseball and Golf are extremely tough mentally, so Corey thinks it will help his mental side of his baseball career in the future (USF baseball commit). He is excited that he  can go out and do something different while also having fun. Corey is most looking forward to getting out and playing with his teammates and competitors while not worrying about anything other than having fun. NBA star Stephen Curry is also very involved in the golf world. The things he does off the course and court are outstanding like the Eat. Learn. Play Foundation which helps childhood hunger.

John Roberts:  John is a junior and has been on the team since freshman year.  John finds golf to be fun while another advantage to him joining is one of his golf friends is on the team.   He is looking forward to playing the matches and beating every team that they play from here on out.  John’s favorite professional golfer is Rory McIlroy. He is an upstanding guy that really inspires me to play the sport. 

Jeein Park:  Jeein is a freshman and is relatively new to the game of golf.  Jeein  joined the golf team to experience something he hasn’t tried. He is looking forward to beating Kasper this season.