Android Alliance vs Apple Army

Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

Disgust arises from the sight of green messages. Screams of terror erupt when the little green robot appears. The people cry out, begging, pleading for its discontinuation. “Death to Androids!”

Hello, my name is Carldenis Raymond, and I suffer from abuse by those with Android revulsion. Throughout the 21st century, Android users have been victims of hate by the Apple Army. This discrimination has been unjustly established solely on the basis that Androids are a different brand and are not able to use iMessage. 

The preference for iPhones over Androids stems from the deep-rooted need to appear as a part of the “in-crowd.” In recent years, iPhones have become a symbol of prestige amongst people. And it is a timeless situation where those with distinction feel the unnecessary urge to act upon those who lack it, i.e. those who decide to maintain their Android status. 

This, however, is only apparent in the United States. According to Statcounter, globally, Androids lead the market by over 70%, while iOS is a bit under 30%.

It is a huge contrast to the smartphone market in the United States where Androids make up a measly 40% of the market and iOS make up almost 60% of the market. The result of this situation is the unjustified prejudice against Android users.

These preconceptions blind people, making them not even give Androids the chance to prove their worth. They are entirely functional and can perform all of what iPhones can execute, excluding sending iMessages. They are also more affordable than iPhones, making them a more economically suitable option for many users across the globe.

But don’t let this dismay you from the fact that there are plenty of expensive and premiere Androids. Phones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 are some of the most innovative phones on the market as it features three screens and folds similar to a book. These innovations should put androids on par, or dare I say, superior to iPhones.

However, the separation that those at Apple have stimulated and nurtured for years already ruined any hope for Androids to gain recognition. All because of those little green messages.

We, as Americans, supposedly residents of the best nation in the world, need to stop this bias that is held against Androids. Furthermore, we need to promote peace and tolerance among all phone owners. So that one day, there will be no fear, no pain, no discrimination, only peace, and happiness left.