The Clash of the Bulls and the Sharks. 


Rebecca Kittay, Reporter

The West Boca Boys Varsity golf team played Spanish River on Thursday, October 6.

Unfortunately, it was not the victory they were hoping for. Spanish River’s boys golf team defeated West Boca at River’s home course at Boca Lago. 

Despite the loss, the Bulls have a strong team, and have shown that they can continue to fight and persist.  

Captains Kasper Shroff shot a score of 40 and Zach Benett shot 44, leading the team. 

The Bulls will play Olympic Heights next Thursday. 

Remember to have fun, take your time with each shot, and enjoy the course. May the course be with you. Professional Jack Nicklaus says: “Resolve never to quit, never to give up, no matter what the situation.“ Stay strong Bulls, good luck!  

Official final scores: 

Kasper shroff- 40

Zachary Bennett- 44

Ryan Brown- 53

Drew Roberts- 60

The team finished with total score of 197 against Spanish with a score of 163