Club Spotlight: Key Club


Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

At West Boca, there is a wide variety of clubs offered to our amazing students. For anyone who is interested in getting involved with your community, participating in service projects, and developing leadership skills, then Key Club is the place for you!


Key Club was created in Sacramento High School in 1925, stemming from the Kiwanis Club. It was designed to resemble Kiwanis, carrying out service projects within the community. It began as a vocational guidance program for young men, but moved on to become a service organization with social aspects. As the club expanded over the years, women were allowed into the club, and they began taking action as well.


The Florida association within the club formed in 1939, thereby becoming the first Key Club district. Four years later, the club reached “International” designation. In 1967, the first Key Club outside of the United States and Canada was organized in Nassau, the Bahamas. The club expanded quickly and gathered many students from schools all over. Now, Key Club is continuing to grow globally. It can be found in more than 38 countries, and the impact of the organization and its members is outstanding. 


Members of Key Club perform acts of service throughout their communities, such as beach and park clean ups, food drives, and clothing donations. They also focus on learning leadership skills in various ways, such as planning projects and holding leadership positions at club, district, and international levels. Members strive to promote leadership, build character, care for others, and advocate for inclusiveness. These are the four core values that shape Key Club into the strong organization that it is today. 


Here at West Boca, our Key Club Presidents are Zachary Bennett and Ashley Sorato. They work tirelessly to ensure that the club’s mission, core values, and objectives are carried out. 


According to Sorato, “The West Boca chapter demonstrates leadership by taking initiative in organizing our members’ service hours, [planning] events for our members to attend, and participating in all events throughout the year. We try to coordinate meaningful and fun events for our members to go to.”


This club is about teaching young adults how to give back and provide service to their communities, so it is no wonder that it is the oldest and largest service program for high school students around the world. If you are a part of Key Club, you will learn many important things that can help you in your future.


Although member dues have already been paid for the year, you can always become a member in the future. Key Club is constantly looking for new members, and it would be wise to join this club and become an influential part of your community.