Thriller vs Slasher – What should you be watching this spooky season?


Sofia Sierra, Reporter

Even though I’ve never seen a horror movie before, I decided to become an expert this October to let you know what you should be watching this Halloween season. These are my in-depth reviews that are guaranteed to put you in a sinister mood. This list of films was chosen based on a wide variety of genres and popularity, and I decided it would be best to give new and old suggestions. I apologize for the lack of supernatural horror because I genuinely could not sit through those movies. If you find yourself to be a horror connoisseur, you should check out the Blair Witch Project and Hereditary, but don’t blame me for the nightmares. And definitely don’t watch Terrifier 2… apparently people passed out. 

Take these reviews as you will, but I definitely suggest checking them out on a dark and stormy night. I am not liable for any side effects from these movies.

Psychological Thrillers – 

1922 (2017) 7/10 – 1922 is the story of a very prideful father, his son, and his farm in a rural Nebraska town. When the mother petitions to leave the farm and move to a nearby city, Wilfred (the father) has something to say about it, or should I say do. 1922 has a well thought out plot with a lot of drama, but there is not nearly enough jumpscares or anticipation to consider it a horror film. It ended up feeling more depressing than scary, with more tears instead of screams. It receives a 7/10 for a horror movie, but an 8/10 for a drama. Maybe consider watching this when you need to cry.

The Shining (1980) 10/10 – The Shining-based on Stephen King’s novel and adapted by Stanley Kubrick-remains a classic. It follows Jack Torrance and his family as they partake in a five-month stay in the Overlook Hotel during the winter. The isolation can be a promising and inspiring place for a new writer, but a terrifying encounter for a “psychic” child and dutiful mother. Although somewhat long, the length only helps in the buildup of anticipation. Kubrick’s use of orchestral music adds to the suspense throughout the movie with the expectation of a final scare. While the highlight of the movie takes place in a twenty minute ending, its climax makes the film what it is. Some parts of the movie that should be scary come off more as humorous, but the movie does an amazing job making you unnerved. With not many jumpscares, the movie specializes in its music, camera angles, and disturbing undertones. A must watch movie in my opinion. Beware of hallways after this. 

Slashers – 

Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2021) 8/10 – Fear Street is one of those classic high school movies, if you add crazy murder-obssessed teens and unkillable creatures with blades. A group of teens in a dead-beat town called Shadyside decide to take on a supernatural witch who’s responsible for decades of brutal killings. With a subplot of romance, the comedical slasher is sure to make you jump. This was the first movie I watched, so I had high hopes, and they were partially delivered. The movie definitely focuses on the blood and horror rather than an actual plot, but it gives a good amount of scares. It ends on a good note to further the story in the next two parts, Fear Street 1978 and 1666. A good watch for a horror movie, just keep the plot aside, and stay away from bread. 

Halloween (1978) 10/10 – There is a reason for over twelve different adaptations of this movie. The ultimate of the slashers, Halloween stays a must watch for its holiday name. Even with a simple plot and an obvious villain, Halloween captures its audience from the beginning with classic jumpscares even with a low-budget setting. A world-renowned serial killer has its origin story as the film captures the kills of a psychopathic Michael Myers in the town of Haddonfield, Illonois, and his obsession with the final girl. The movie carries a constant old-school theme by sticking to the rules whenever there are no parents around, but I believe its antiquated qualities make it great. A classic necessity to every Halloween season, just not while you babysit. 

Overall – 

Whether you chose a psychological thriller or a classic slasher, I definitely recommend going for the older films. I personally found The Shining to be the most enjoyable watch, while Halloween made me jump out of my seat more. Whatever you decide to watch this season, be safe and make it scary. Happy Halloween!

Where to watch – 

1922 – Netflix

Fear Street 1994 – Netflix

Halloween – Redbox (Free)

The Shining – HBO Max, Hulu