Starting Off Strong: Girls’ Weightlifting


Girls lifting in the West Boca weightroom at 6 a.m.

Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

As we approach the end of fall and begin to introduce winter, we are ringing in Girls’ Weightlifting season! Lifting for these ladies began towards the middle of October, and what is to come is merely just beginning. 


The first meet will be on Thursday, November 10th at Olympic Heights. Girls will compete in events such as Clean and Jerk, Snatch, and Bench. 


In the weeks leading up to the first meet of the year, these girls will be training anywhere from 3-5 days a week. Weight training sessions will be focused on building strength and learning/perfecting certain lifts. 


While the Weightlifting team consists of girls who will be competing during the meets throughout the season, anyone is welcome to lift with the team – whether that be at 6 a.m., 3 p.m., or 1 p.m. on designated lifting days. 


Coach Moran takes pride in helping these girls become their best selves in the weight room.


The most important thing I want the girls to learn this season is to compete, grab the Bull by the horns and get after it.


Lots of hard work goes into this sport, and these girls are just getting started.