Introducing New AP Mr. D’Annunzio

Introducing New AP Mr. DAnnunzio

Vincent Vertullo, Reporter/Photographer

 You may have been wondering who the new guy golf-carting around the school is. Recently, West Boca Hired a new Assistant Principal, Thomas D’Annunzio, who has yet to receive a proper introduction. 

I had the honor of interviewing Mr. D’Annunzio and learned all about him, personally. I asked him where he went to school and what he studied in college, in which he replied: 

“FAU for my undergraduate where I was an education major for a long while, but later switched and earned my BA in Sociology.”

When asked about his hobbies he shared:

“fishing, lifting weights, eating, playing flag football, and spending time with his family.”

 When asked why he wanted to work at West Boca he answered with:

“It was always my desire to be an administrator at the high school level, I wanted to serve my local community, and well, who wouldn’t want to work here, it is a privilege!”

 Before working here at West Boca, he was an Assistant principal at Eagles Landing Middle, so he has plenty of experience as an AP. 

When asked about his roles as the new Assistant Principal he shared:

 “Being responsible for the ESE Department, The Computer Science and Business Department, and the Performing / Visual Arts department.”

Since Mr. D’Annunzio is now a part of West Boca, I asked him a question only a true Bull can answer: 

“What do you rate Mr. Capitano’s hairstyle 1-10?” He responded with: 

“I’d have to give him an 11/10”. Mr. D’Annunzio is already learning the ropes and integrating himself into the Bull lifestyle.

Mr. D’Annunzio leaves us with a quote from James Allen which applies to both High School and the rest of our lives:

“In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.”