The Raymond Review: Black Adam


Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

With Black Adam out in theaters, here is my no-spoiler and very biased review. 


Black Adam had high expectations from me and others, and they were definitely surpassed. This was a great movie with incredible cinematic elements including stellar CGI. In the recent past, DC has been ridiculed for its sub-marvel CGI, but this movie shows that it can compete with its rivals.  

Though there were some comedic scenes, it was a serious movie dealing with the conflict of morals many heroes believe they need while Black Adam views them as unnecessary. By demonstrating how efficient Black Adam’s methods were compared to the ‘real heroes’, they addressed the debate on what makes a hero a hero. This look into the politics of the heroic occupation made this movie thought-provoking and overall better.

The CGI was some of the better seen compared to the other comic book-based films and shows. This allowed people to actually focus on the movie rather than being distracted by the disgust that comes from watching a film with poor CGI.

The acting was impeccable. This, of course, was partly due to the great casting which includes, Dwayne Johnson, Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo, and Pierce Brosnan. They took their lines and put life into it, making it seem like this was not just a movie, it was real. This type of realism is necessary for a successful Hero/Villain movie to carry a consistent and moving story. 

The plot of the movie was good, though it could have been better with a bit more substance. This resulted in the quality of the movie being negatively affected.


Overall, I rate this a 6.7/10 on the Raymond Scale.

In all, this was a Carldenis Raymond-approved article which I hope you enjoyed to a great extent. Although the movie may not have met my expectations, that doesn’t mean it won’t meet yours. Regardless of my somewhat low rating, I would recommend everyone to see this movie and make a decision of their own.