Girls Weightlifting Team Dominates Spanish River


Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

The Girls’ Weightlifting season is now in full swing! The first meet was held on November 17th, and it was a great success. Our Girls’ Weightlifting team has been growing in members and support ever since their introduction to our school athletic program. We have a total of 22 members on our team as of now which includes:

  • Mia Niedzwiedski
  • Olivia Eberhardt
  • Nathalia Filgueiras
  • Anna Scales
  • Angelina Marino
  • Allie Harrington
  • Kate Wise
  • Abby Tyrakoski
  • Ana Santoyo
  • Isabella Ramos
  • Ashley Kline
  • Adriana Badalamente
  • Ruth Santoyo
  • Armita Sanati
  • Victoria Parra
  • Morgan Tyrakoski
  • Caitlyn Dreyer
  • Giovanna Darzi
  • Giuliana Incorvaia
  • Julieta Tovar
  • Rachael Alvarado
  • Olivia Widger

These ladies workout and practice here at West Boca, as well as on their own time, to better their lifts and hit more PRs. 


The girls compete in events such as Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Bench. To explain in simpler terms: a snatch is when the barbell is lifted from the ground to overhead in one continuous motion. A clean and jerk is a two-part lift in which the barbell is lifted to a stable position on the shoulders, then pressed overhead at arm’s length. Bench is when the barbell is lowered to the chest then pressed back up.


Our third meet of the season for the Girls’ Weightlifting team was at Spanish River on Wednesday, December 14th. 


Nine girls from West Boca participated in the competition. The girls who competed were Mia Niedzwiedski (110 weight class), Giovanna Darzi (119 weight class), Olivia Widger (119 weight class), Kate Wise (129 weight class), Giulianna Incorvaia (129 weight class), Olivia Eberhardt (129 weight class), Caitlin Dreyer (139 weight class), Ana Sales (154 weight class), and Ana Santoyo (154 weight class).


These girls gave it their all, coming out in first place overall! They accumulated 17 points in the Olympic category, and 35 for Traditional.