West Boca Football


David Rudd, Staff Writer

After the long wait through spring and summer, football season has finally arrived. Hopefully, this will be a season of competition, success, and joy for the Bulls. There is much excitement from students at West Boca as well. They are ready to see their football team play once again. Currently, there is great amount of energy from everyone because the West Boca Bulls are ready to start competing this year.

The Bulls are beginning the 2018 season with a new coach and many new players. They will be looking to improve on last season. Of course, like any other team, the Bulls will be trying to win as many games as possible and hopefully win the championship. Playing in ten regular season games, lasting through November, the team will likely have to win at least and possibly more than six games to make the playoffs. This minimum is double the amount of wins that the Bulls earned last year. With the new coaches and players they are in the perfect situation to turn things around.

West Boca has new players coming here from other schools in Palm Beach County. This should greatly increase the performance of the Bulls this season. Anytime a team has a new players or coaches coming in, one must be cautious before judging how good the team will perform, because there is more to football than just pure talent. Teamwork, strategy, and chemistry is also very important. The new mix could cause success, and students and players should be confident in the Bulls this year.

The Bulls games should be an amazing experience as always. Between the crowd going crazy and the intensity of the football game itself, the games are incredible. For students at West Boca it is more than worth the price of admission to go to the games. Also, going to the games will give you a sense of pride for the school. Football is a sport that is very fast, intense, and violent. This combination makes the game amazing. It is highly recommended that students go to the games.

While the games are full of energy, the hours leading up to it are not as exciting. Grant Furr, the Bulls’ kicker and safety stated the leading up to the game he personally listens to music and the rest of the team “is quiet, trying to get focused.” When asked what students at West Boca should know about the football team, Furr responded, “They should know that we work hard and that it is hard going to practice at 3:00pm in one hundred degree weather.” The Bulls’ players work so hard to put out a great performance, and it should be appreciated.

Winning a championship would mean so much for the school. First it would be uplifting and confidence boosting to all the players. Furthermore, a championship win would bring joy beyond the players. Students and teachers will gain a sense of pride for the school as well. The football team has the ability to change the moral of the entire school. Furr also said that the football team is “a family” who “all work for each other.” He also emphasized that the players “love the coaches” and they “put it all on the field for them.” The Bulls’ locker is a great place to be. Everyone is focused, working hard, while still maintaining a great relationship with everyone there.

There should be a enthusiasm from everyone at West Boca for the 2018 football season. The Bulls have the potential to improve on last season with their new talent and coaching staff. A successful season would be amazing for the school. The players, coaches, teachers, and students at West Boca are more than ready to watch and be part of successful football team again.