Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, A Shocktullo Review

Vincent Vertullo, Reporter/Photographer

The sequel to DreamWorks’ Puss in Boots movie came out in December and anyone who has seen it can safely say it is one of the best movies the studio has made. DreamWorks has been working on this movie since 2014, finally releasing it on December 21, 2022. The movie was the second to use a new animation style using 24 to 12 frames per second, similar to Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, but based to look more like a painting, to resemble the stories they are showing. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish brought in over 300 million dollars worldwide, making this DreamWorks biggest movie in a while. 

The movie’s main plot is about how a Puss is down to his last life of his nine lives, and a mysterious figure that follows him trying to kill him. Puss learns about a shooting star that can grant someone one wish, and Puss embarks on a journey to find this star. Throughout this journey Puss meets friends new and old that help him get to his goal, and discover things about himself he may not have realized beforehand. 

Most would assume this movie is made for kids, with the funny characters, bright colors, and anthropomorphic animals, which makes sense but this movie has deeper meaning. The main themes are about anxiety and mortality. Puss is in his last life, and now he has to be very careful, and following a visit from a mysterious figure, he is even more terrified of the potential of losing his life. Puss develops anxiety due to this figure and he needs his friends to help him calm down. 

This movie tackled serious themes in a manner that children, as well as adults, can understand and it was done in a way that really pulled at the heartstrings. The movie has the words “The Last Wish” in the title implying that Puss may not survive. Anytime we see him in an altercation we think that it could be his last. Puss also must reflect on his past lives, see where he went wrong, and how he can improve with this last life of his.  

Verdict: This movie is a 10/10 on the Shocktullo review scale. It has all the necessary points for a movie that leaves us with a new view on life. It had comedy, it had great visuals, and a heartwarming story that showed why we love Puss and his friends. As you are leaving the theater after watching this movie you will most likely want a rewatch of it, and will think about it for at least a week, I know I did. Also, there is a pleasant surprise at the end of the movie about a future film.