It’s Never Too Late To Stop Being Late


Vincent Shockley

Principal Capitano wants everyone at school on time!

Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

We the people of West Boca Raton High School were shocked when people started to get suspended for missing a Saturday detention. We had questions, and I took the liberty of getting the answers. I was able to interview an administrator, Mr. D’Annunzio, to get the answers to the question on everyone’s mind. Here’s what was revealed.

Every week, we are allowed two tardies. These tardies are for the week, not for any specific periods. “On your third tardy is when you hit the Saturday detention,” stated Mr. D’Annunzio.

Once you get the Saturday detention, you will be given a slip informing you of it. When you sign the slip, you are agreeing that you can and will make it to the detention on the date that’s on the slip.

“You’re issued the Saturday detention and once you’ve signed the slip, you agree that you can make it that date.”- Mr. D’Annunzio

Unfortunately, you have to get your own mode of transport to get to the Saturday detention. But they will work with you if you can’t make it because of work or other extenuating circumstances, which means that they will just reassign the date to a day that you will be able to attend.

However, after you’ve signed the slip and realize that you can’t make it, you or your parent/guardian must inform an administrator that you will not be able to attend the detention. If you don’t do this and miss the detention, you are committing a level 2 incident as stated in the Student Code of Conduct (p.21), which results in a level 2 disciplinary action. One of the level 2 disciplinary actions listed is an out-of-school suspension for 1-5 days. Our school opts for the 1-day out-of-school suspension.

“Once you sign the slip, if without any form of communication, or attempt to reschedule, then, under the code of conduct, under level 2 incidents, it becomes an unserved detention, which can result in 1-5 days out-of-school suspension.”- Mr. D’Annunzio

It can be said that this is a reasonable consequent because the student failed to follow multiple guidelines. The tardy policy was broken, then you were issued detention but did not serve it, violating not just one, but two policies.

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