Is This the End of Netflix?

Is This the End of Netflix?

Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

Netflix has been cracking down on the abundant password sharing that has been occurring on their ever-so-popular streaming platform. This could mean bad news for you if you happen to be on an account with your family in New York or even best friend down the street. The streaming service is beginning to only allow you to access Netflix from your home network starting March 31st. 

So, is it even worth it to continue your subscription?

Well, these password sharing restrictions have already been placed in Canada. Canadians don’t seem to be too happy about what Netflix is doing to their accounts. If they wish to add people, they will have to pay an additional $8 to their already $16-$20 account subscription. This is obviously a huge problem for a lot of Netflix users.How reasonable is it to pay $28 a month for two people on your account?

What does this mean for Netflix?

Some people are beginning to believe that they might end up like Blockbuster. People have started to cancel their subscriptions left and right in Canada, so who knows what could happen in the US. College students and families with children living on their own are not thrilled with the extra fees that come with having a Netflix account.

However, Netflix is providing some leniency for users to go on vacation. If you need to access your account elsewhere, they will allow it to be used in that one location for no more than two weeks once per year. After these two weeks, users will be required to pay an extra home fee of $3 a month. 

All in all, Netflix prices are skyrocketing, and it may just affect you and your wallet directly. It might be time to start looking for additional streaming services who aren’t deciding to be as strict on password sharing.