Pied For Prom


Ms. Ali getting pied

Carldenis Raymond, Reporter

Pi Day is coming up, and here are some of the possible candidates to get pied and what other events to expect.

For those who don’t know, March 14th is the day that is known as ‘Pi Day’. This is because the first three digits of pi, 3.14, correspond with March 14th’s numerical date, 3/14. 

For any freshmen and transfer students, at West Boca, this day means that a teacher and/or administrator is going to get pied in the face. The students are the ones who get to decide who gets pied in a vote. So far, the administrators and teachers that have volunteered to be part of the ballot to be pied are as follows:

Ms. Ali, Ms. Jacobowitz, Mr. Capitano, Mr. Potts, Ms. Rosenfield, Ms. Steele, Ms. Santoro, Ms. Barlow, Ms. Nygren, Ms. Stolarz, Mr. Carboni, Ms. Singer, and Ms. Popa.

They also will be selling slices of pie for $2 a slice as well as pizza slices. The choices are chocolate creme pie, blueberry pie, and apple crumb pie. The money raised goes to buying prom tickets for students who cannot afford to buy them. So bring your money on March 14th so you have a snack to eat while you watch your (favorite) teachers and/or administrators get pied.