A Special Visitor-Meet Andy Aldrin


Yesterday, West Boca had a very special visitor: Andy Aldrin, son of Buzz Aldrin who was the second person to step foot on the moon. Andy Aldrin is well known in his own right and has had a very interesting and diverse career path. When Andy Aldrin went to college for his bachelor’s degree, he decided to be a Sovietologist since the Soviet Union was intriguing to him. They had just beat the US in the space race and Mr. Aldrin had a chance to meet with the people who helped launch Sputnik. Mr. Aldrin also has both a Master’s degree in Science Policy and a PhD in Political Science. He became involved with the aerospace industry and has since worked for Boeing as an executive in business development and NASA strategy. His next stop was at a Silicon Valley startup whose goal was to produce moon vehicles, but as many startups do, this company just couldn’t make it. 

After retiring (for the first time), Andy Aldrin went to work for his father’s foundation, The Aldrin Family Foundation, which runs summer camps for children including classes in rocketry, maps, and rovers (coding). The foundation’s goals are tooffer STEAM-based educational tools, curriculum, and programs that excite and prepare the next generation to take on space. We create the game-changers of tomorrow – dedicated to making breakthrough discoveries and improving life on Earth.” He is also currently the program chair at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University where he runs a graduate program in Space Ops. 

Mr. Aldrin spent his time here at West Boca visiting with our Aviation teacher, Mrs. Hutchings, one of our Physics teachers, Mr. Chapman, and Mr. Capitano as well as touring the newest academy.

Before he left, Mr. Aldrin was gifted with a beautiful painting by student Hillary Hernandez that was commissioned by Mr. Capitano for this occasion. Mr. Aldrin’s parting advice for students heading off to college is to go into undergrad with an open mind and “build a skill set” before deciding exactly what to do. There are many directions a field such as physics, for example, can take you if you have an open mind!