Catch Me If You Can – Behind The Scenes

Sofia Sierra, Reporter

Come One! Come All! To See West Boca’s Newest Broadway Production of Catch Me If You Can! Following the true story of Frank Abagnale Jr, the audience is taken on a glamorous and comedic ride through his eyes. Fast-paced and full of energy, West Boca’s Troupe 6760 brings this hit movie to life. 

With the premiere shows this past weekend, tons of excited reviews are flowing in. Many of the students and parents who attended found it to be a real showstopper, decked out with bright colors, fun dance numbers, and incredible singers. Our drama department does not disappoint! 

As a crew member for the show, I thought I would share some behind the scenes for those who either loved the show, cannot wait to see it, or are interested in becoming a part of the team next year. Even though I began work a month ago, the cast was already made official weeks prior. Lucas Brown plays the infamous Frank Abagnale Jr, Jack Stone plays Frank Abagnale Sr, Adriana Daroch plays Paula Abagnale, Analiesa Chavez plays Brenda Strong, and Isaac Lynne plays the rule-abiding Carl Hanratty. Typically the background of characters, the ensemble takes the forefront in this play. Each dance number is enchanting, showing the true flair of not only the multi-talented dancers, but also the pizazz of the costumes.


Being able to see and hear each student practice their numbers was quite interesting. While most of the crew officially joined the group during “Tech Week,” a week full of late-night rehearsals and trial-and-error, many of the members on props and costumes, as well as the student directors and assistant stage managers were already hard at work. 

Working on props, I was able to create usable art pieces out of random materials, such as the props used during the “Sponsor” scene in the beginning of the play. My crew members were able to do the same, all of us contributing to the little details that make the magic of the performance. While I cannot speak for the rest of the crew members and their jobs, I know they are all hard-working and creative, willing to do their best to make the play the best. Working on the play is no easy job, but it is incredibly rewarding. Not being an official drama department student, everything was very new for me, but being a part of a welcoming, kind, and high-energy was quite rewarding and I would recommend the experience to many. 

Even if you are not considering being a part of the production next year, make sure to go see our final showings of Catch Me If You Can. It won’t disappoint!


Thursday 3/09 @ 7:00 p.m.

Friday 3/10 @ 7:30 p.m

Saturday 3/11 @ 2:00 p.m & 7:30 p.m

You can purchase tickets at