Vanguard Achieves all Perfect Scores!


Evelyn Garcia, Reporter

       On March 8th, 2023 Vanguard had a MPA performance and got all perfect scores!  Last night’s performance was by our school’s Wind Ensemble band and our Symphonic band. Vanguard scored straight superior ratings for the FBA District 14 Concert Band Assessment that was held at Boca High. This now marks the 17th year in the row that we scored superiors and the Wind ensemble also got a standing ovation from the judges. Because we scored the highest score possible at district we have now qualified for state! Below I attached some photos and videos of each song performed by our bands. Congratulations to Vanguard on this great achievement!


Symphonic Band Performance:

Torch of Liberty by Karl L. King:

Torch of Liberty.MOV



Ammerland by Jacob de Haan:

Ammerland 2.MOV



Dedicatory Overture by Clifton Williams:




Wind Ensemble Band Performance:


The Free Lance March by John Phillip Sousa:

Free Lance.MOV


Prelude to Act LLL of Kunihild by Crill Kistler:



4th Symphony Finale by Pytor Ilyich Tchaikovsky:

Tchaik 4.MOV