Boys Weightlifting Off To A Great Start!


Members of the West Boca Boys Weightlifting.

Olivia Eberhardt, Reporter

The West Boca Boys Weightlifting season is in full swing! These boys have been working hard all season to improve their skills. They have had three meets so far, and they are continuing to make progress at each one. The team consists of 15 boys this season:

Alex Easton

Drew lessne

Daniel Gertsik

Matthew Li

Alexander Paolini

Edward Abreu

Antonio Rocha

Taylor Schulman

Ika Gagua

Gabe Dos Santos

Ryan Aouad

Alek’s Ljiljak

Pedro Abdullah

Enrique Rodriguez

Collin Pickett 


The top lifters this season are Irakli Gagua, Gabe Dos Santos, Taylor Schulman, Antonio Rocha, and Drew Lessne. 


So far, the meets have been at Park Vista, Olympic Heights, and our very own West Boca. At the last meet, they crushed Spanish River at home.


Their next meet will be today at home at 3 p.m.. Attendance is free for everyone. Show up to support our Bulls!