Upcoming Grad Bash Dress Code


Grad Bash is taking place soon, look out for the dress code.

Alexandra Kimbrell, Reporter

Grad Bash is coming up soon and the dress code guidelines were recently announced. Some restrictions are very specific. 

Seniors aren’t allowed to wear anything with their school’s name or logo. However, this doesn’t extend to colleges. College and professional team logos/names on clothing are fine. This leads to another rule, you can’t wear jerseys of any kind. 

If you’re planning to bring any bags or purses into the park, make sure they’re the size of half a sheet of paper (8.5 x 5.5 inches). This is the same restriction that some concerts have, so if you recently went to one (like the Taylor Swift concert), whatever bag you used might fit the restrictions.

There are more restrictions but some more notable ones are no undershirts being used as “outerwear”, sheer pants material, and too many holes or shredding on jeans. The rest of the dress code is available to view below.

Remember that “Universal Orlando Resort’s Security team strictly enforces all dress code regulations for Grad Bash” if you decide to break the dress code.

Grad Bash Dress Code