Senior Send-off: Letters From Our Staff


Our senior staff says their last farewell!

Another year is coming to an end and our seniors have flown away. This year The Bullseye was fortunate to have five seniors. Our editor, Vince Shockley, fearlessly led us to new heights with our newspaper and brought some new friends along for the ride. Vince Vertullo’s commentaries and Carldenis Raymond’s awesome reviews added to our entertainment value. Julia Palhares was a terrific addition as well with her insightful articles and emotional assessments. Natasha Kuneff has been on the staff for the past three years and has added so much value to our program. Her well-researched articles have gotten a lot of publicity! 

We are going to miss our seniors, but we know that they are going to be super successful in this next stage of their lives! 

Best wishes and congratulations to the Class of 2023!


Mrs. Rosenblum


Vincent Shockley: Editor-In-Chief 

In my sophomore year of high school, I needed to switch out of a class and had no options. The only way out was when one of our amazing counselors –Ms. Canepa– suggested I enroll in newspaper. 

I have to admit, I was quite a bit nervous about joining this class. Although I was intrigued by the idea of journalism, I was uncertain if I would succeed, muster up the courage to do an interview, and have the patience to create a research paper. In hindsight, journalism and specifically writing for our newspaper has been one of the most enjoyable parts of high school.

I attended school virtually in sophomore year (my first year in the class) and I was very disconnected from school and everything going on. Being in the newspaper brought me into the loop and gave me a connection to WBHS. There was also a sense of accomplishment that I was one of the few members on our staff delivering news to our whole school. It didn’t take very long for me to decide that I absolutely love writing and with the creativity allowed in newspapers (although there are still guidelines and rules), it made me realize I want to write for the rest of my life. 

I enjoyed the newspaper so much in sophomore year that I decided to re-enroll for my Junior year- even though it was very difficult to fit into my packed Junior year schedule. Although my productivity may have dropped from the year before, I truly learned more about how to compose an engaging and proper piece of writing. I wrote my first research paper on the stigma of tattoos and applied my researching abilities to writing in the newspaper. I learned a lot Junior year and went outside of my comfort zone in terms of the articles I wrote. At the end of the year, our amazing advisor, Mrs. Rosenblum gave me the opportunity to be editor-in-chief which brought me great excitement and, of course, I immediately responded with a yes. 

Currently, it is my last day in newspaper after completing a full year as editor which I enjoyed thoroughly. My goodbye to The Bullseye is purely bittersweet. While I am heartbroken to leave behind this pivotal aspect of my high school years, I am looking forward to what the future has in store for both me and The Bullseye!


Natasha Kuneff

After three years, my time writing for The Bullseye has come to an end. As I leave, someone new will join the newspaper and experience everything it has to offer. Whether it be class parties, banana bread bake-offs, or Ms. Rosenblum’s donuts (with at least one jelly munchkin– my favorite!); The Bullseye is never a dull period.

Writing has always been something I’ve loved and my passion as well as experimentation has shown in my articles. I am forever thankful for the opportunities I received while being here. I became a better writer, in part, due to the support from The Bullseye.

I will miss West Boca and our newspaper, but I am definitely excited for the future.


Carldenis Raymond

The 2022-23 school year has come to an end. It was absolutely an enjoyable time, filled with both stressful and joyful moments. 

My time at WBHS was amazing, but filled with the unexpected. From the quarantine in our freshman year to the majority of us spending our sophomore year at home. Though I can’t say I’ve had the full high school experience, the experience I had was a rollercoaster of emotions (which is basically the entirety of the “normal” high school experience). Many friends were made, though many will be lost to the sands of time, there are some who will remain for life. 

Though I only joined The Bullseye in my senior year, it was part of the wonderful experience I’ve had. I met many great people who have a strong conviction to write and search for news. And I was able to forge new friendships and participate more in school activities. It also helped with my writing skills and writing on a deadline. 

High school, I loved to hate it, but now that it is finished, I know that beneath all that hatred, there was a sliver of love. With that I say my goodbye to West Boca and The Bullseye


Vincent Vertullo

The school year of 2022-2023 has come to an end for seniors. It’s crazy to think that we are finally leaving. It felt like just last year I was walking into the school holding a map in one hand and my schedule in the other. 

For my last year I decided to join The Bullseye. I did it mainly to have a class with my friends, Vincent and Carl, but I grew to like many things about this class. I became the newspaper’s photographer going to many sports, games, and events. I honed in on my photography skills and writing skills. I learned a great deal about the topics I wrote about, like a review on God of War, Puss in Boots, stigmas on Motorcycles, and also learned that we do, in fact, have a student handbook.

Going to the sporting events as a photographer was very interesting and fun also. Being on the sidelines with the team allowed me to enter their mindset, and see what they see. I was able to memorialize these players in the newspaper’s in moments they can relive through the pictures. 


Julia Palhares

Today, I sit down to write a quite emotional and remarkable article. I sit here to say goodbye. It is as scary as it is happy to do so, and although I’ve been counting down the days until my last day of High School forever, it is weird to realize that this day really does come. Personally, joining The Bullseye was a huge step in my life and my High School academic career as English isn’t my first language and I’ve only been speaking it for three and a half years. I want to thank Mrs. Rosenblum for her faith in me and my work, and for giving me the confidence to be the writer I am today. All I needed was someone to believe in me, and she did. She changed my life and she doesn’t even know it. 

Today, I write my final goodbyes to all who made me cry, laugh, and think and to all that changed me. I say goodbye to the friends I made. To the people sitting in the back that never failed to make us laugh. To teachers who shaped my views and who served as inspiration for who I want to be (or not to be). To the staff that yelled at us to always wear our IDs. I say goodbye to a chapter in my life that I will cherish and remember forever. I close this chapter with the certainty that I can be whoever I want to be. 

Today, I write my last article for the newspaper that welcomed me with open arms (It is getting hard to write, my eyes are blurry here). I write to thank my fellow reporters for collaborating with me, and for opening my eyes to new points of view, to new ways of writing. I write to say that graduating is in fact, bittersweet. The duality of closing this chapter, leaving everything I’ve ever known behind, but excited to see the real world.

Goodbye West Boca, it was a pleasure to be a student here. Goodbye The Bullseye, thank you for teaching me to be brave and to see the world beyond.