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Can’t Paws: An OG Review of Drake’s For All The Dogs

Olivia Eberhardt
For All The Bulls

In the world of modern music, few names carry as much weight as that of Aubrey Drake Graham, better known as “Drake.” After releasing two back-to-back albums last year, the Canadian rapper managed to drop another masterpiece. Despite anticipating a September release date, Drake postponed the album by nearly a month due to his It’s All a Blur tour. Nonetheless, it’s safe to say that For All The Dogs was worth the wait. 


Virginia Beach: 10/10

Undoubtedly a perfect opening track, Virginia Beach samples Frank Ocean’s unused song, “Wiseman”, originally produced for the Quentin Tarantino movie Django Unchained. Ocean’s appearance after seven years since his hit album Blonde features his signature melancholic melody, developing the theme of ups and downs in Drake’s past relationships. 

Amen (feat. Teezo Touchdown): 8.1/10

Venturing into the album, Amen captures the guilt Drake feels about not treating his ex well. He prays for her to find “a man” blending it to sound like “amen” in order to highlight Drake’s iconic wordplay. This track is built on a church-style piano and includes biblical allusions like “part the Red Sea” to further this theme. 

Calling For You (feat. 21 Savage) 8/10

In this song, Drake began with a very catchy, head-bopping verse. However, the song included a minute long rant spoken by a woman. After this, 21 savage carried the song with his hard-hitting verse.

Fear Of Heights: 6.5/10

This song takes an alternative approach to a typical Drake rap song. He talks about the challenges and anxieties associated with rising to new heights in life, but in a rather aggressive manner. Overall, in my opinion the song was not something that I would listen to again.

Daylight: 7.6/10

This song provides a heavy-hitting instrumental accompanied by Drake talking about shooting a man down in broad daylight. At the end of the song, Drake’s son Adonis has his very own verse, which has become very popular all over social media. 

First Person Shooter (feat. J. Cole): 10/10

An all around amazing hype song, First Person Shooter delivers an amazing collaboration between Drake and J. Cole. Drake talks about his obvious success, bragging about his riches and luxurious lifestyle.

IDGAF (feat. Yeat): 9.5/10

This song opens with a heavenly, jazz-like introduction that serenades listeners. After the first minute, Yeat powerfully chimes in on vocals, accompanying an intense beat drop. He’s basically talking about his nonchalant attitude, making references to an unnamed collaborator who relies on Yeat for success and fame. This song has also become a meme since its release date, poking fun at Drake for his feminine tone in comparison to Yeat.

7969 Santa: 8.6/10

Although it seems like a random title, 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. is the address of a restaurant named Delilah— the name of Drake’s ex-girlfriend. He samples Chief Keef’s “I don’t like” to diss her actions and this provides a contrast to the repetitive rhythm of Drake’s vocals. A notable bar is “I don’t like what you did on them trips” as Drake foreshadows the theme of track 10, “Bahamas Promises”. 

Slime You Out (feat. SZA): 8.8/10 

This single was used to tease For All The Dogs, setting expectations high right off the bat. “Slime You Out” is an allusion to the Kids Choice Awards and how guests get slimed with Nickelodeon’s infamous green goop, symbolizing being used by ex-lovers. However, both this reference and SZA’s verse seem out of place and leave a lot to be desired from the duo despite their incredible vocals alone. 

Bahamas Promises: 10/10

Drake promised that this album would be reminiscent of “old Drake”, referring to his 2011 Take Care era. This song is one of the few that flawlessly delivered his classic piano melodies and emotional storytelling his fans craved.

Tried Our Best: 9.7/10

The second “classic Drake” track on For All The Dogs once again yields perfection from the opening scales, making it an instant, catchy hit. Synthy piano and rhythmic verses create an ideal blend of R&B and rap elements. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Drake song without playful lyricism. Drake not only compares himself to Shakespeare, but also references Frank Ocean’s song “Pyramids” with the verse, “The girl that the boy cherishes, workin’ late night at the Pyramid”— a nod to his opening sample. 

Screw The World (Interlude): 8.4

In this two minute long interlude, Drake provides his listeners with a pretty much monotonous track. Although not my personal favorite, it pays homage to DJ Screw, who is most famously known for his ability to chop and screw music.

Drew A Picasso: 9.1/10

This song brings in the topic of struggles in a relationship which pairs perfectly with the solemn melody. The addicting beat in the background is a needed contrast and allows listeners to vibe despite the hurt in Drake’s message. 

Members Only (feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR): 8.9/10

Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR are an iconic R&B duo, delivering nothing less than perfectly blended harmonies; arguably unlike a few of the other features on the album. Although this is my personal favorite due to the soulful and nocturnal vibe PND is known for, it’s hard to look past the subpar lyrics inconsistent with the rest of For All The Dogs.

What Would Pluto Do: 8.3/10

In this song, Drake is making reference to the rapper Pluto, more formally known as Future. The beat is similar to Drake’s popular song, “What’s Next” which features a heavy amount of repetition. Despite the reference to Future, Lil Yachty is featured on the ad-libs throughout the song.

All The Parties (feat. Chief Keef): 7/10

This song delivers a nice, uplifting beat followed by vocals between Drake and Chief Keef. The song brings a sense of nostalgia as the rappers reminisce about their careers. In my opinion though, Chief Keef should stick to making his own music.

8am in Charlotte: 9.4/10

Revealed on Instagram reels a day before the album’s initial release, this song has given listeners the sounds of “old Drake” that they were yearning for. This soulful sounding melody was personally one of my favorite songs on For All the Dogs.

BBL Love (Interlude): 9.1/10

Although just an interlude, the background vocals contribute to the chill vibe of Drake’s slowed rhythm. The cosmetic surgery references are a metaphor that love can often be ingenious and deceptive. Drake’s humor also adds to this symbolism because of the rumors he got plastic surgery and his “sassiness” that became a meme in the last couple years, adding an element of playful self-awareness. 

Gently (feat. Bad Bunny): 7.8/10

Right off the bat, Drake’s Spanish is hard to listen to— even for non-native speakers. Unlike Drake and Bad Bunny’s hit collaboration, “MIA”, this track isn’t as catchy. However, the two cultures’ biggest artists showcase their ability to embrace diverse elements into their work. As a Bad Bunny fan, I can appreciate his iconic debow beat, but it does seem out of place in the greater scope of the album. 

Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexxy Red & SZA): 8.2/10

This song provides listeners with an upbeat song to contrast some of the other somber songs on the album. Although quite vulgar, the features in this song bring a fun collaboration. The upbeat tone of this song leaves my rating so high.

Another Late Night (feat. Lil Yachty): 5/10

Personally, this song was my absolute least favorite. Although Lil Yachty is an amazing, unique sounding rapper, his feature on this song did not seem to save it for me. The techno-sounding beat is one that I cannot personally listen to.

Away From Home: 8.3/10

Although the sound of this track isn’t anything special despite great production, the lyrics and story carry my rating. Drake discusses the challenges he encountered on his journey to success and highlights the importance of reflecting on your past and those who helped you get to the top. This song provides that full-circle moment necessary to humble himself despite fame and fortune. 

Polar Opposites: 8/10

This song truly showcases Drake’s emotions and vulnerability. It gives a glimpse into the rollercoaster of a relationship that Drake has been through. It gives us the classic Drake vibe that we all know and love.

Overall: 84, B rating 

Gabriella’s top 5: Members Only, Virginia Beach, Tried Our Best, Bahamas Promises, Drew A Picasso 

Olivia’s top 5: First Person Shooter, IDGAF, 8am in Charlotte, What Would Pluto Do, Virginia Beach


Gabriella: Virginia Beach, Members Only, Tried Our Best, Bahama Promises, Gently, Drew A Picasso, 7969 Santa, Slime You Out, BBL Love, Away From Home, Amen
Olivia: IDGAF, Daylight, First Person Shooter, Calling For You, What Would Pluto Do, 8am In Charlotte, Fear Of Heights, Rich Baby Daddy, Screw The World, Another Late Night, Polar Opposites
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