School of All Trades

David Rudd, Staff Writer

An increasing number of Americans are seeking higher education every year. As this occurs, more employers are looking to hire only those who have received a college degree. In turn, the field of jobs for people without college degrees has decreased significantly. Due to this, colleges have recognized their great power in the job market. Tuition costs have increased and millions of Americans have fallen into huge debts. This raises the question of whether or not college is right for everyone. Not everyone is interested in working a desk job. Therefore, it would not make sense to pay thousands of dollars for a mostly useless degree. However, college does provide positive experiences to people outside of education. It is a good time to discover oneself and form important relationships. Every student leaving high school has to make a decision that will affect their future, and for some, it may be best to go to a trade school.

In modern America, more people than ever are making efforts to get ahead. Though that is great, it leaves many technical jobs unfilled. However, many people are naturally attracted to those kinds of jobs. Therefore, it would be the right decision to enter into a trade school in order to follow a career path in a more “hands-on” job. Going to college has become a way of conforming. Although going against the grain may be the right way to go for some as millions of Americans spend their money on higher education just to have it go to waste it

Trade schools have received a bad reputation over the years, but today they provide a great benefit. Their teaching styles do not differ much from a college course, but the students know exactly what they want to do while college students tend to be unsure of their future. The students attending trade schools are more prepared for the classes that they are attending. Due to their attraction towards prepared kids, the student body will likely be a more mature group of kids compared to a regular college.

Also, researches have stated that in order to solve the US income back, trade schools are better options than 4-year colleges. Manufacturing jobs are around and those roles do need to be filled. The constant push for coding may be a bit extreme. While that industry is growing, computer programing is still a limited market.

Technical jobs can pay out well above the median income for Americans. Technicians can make up to and beyond $100 thousand a year. The top trade school jobs include electricians, plumbers, therapists, many jobs in the medical field and even web designers. Also, from the jobs, many can build their own business based off of prior work experience, increasing the amount of money that can be made from going into a technical field. Trade schools can help develop skills in modern technological fields as well. Trade schools can lead graduates to great, well paying jobs.

The benefits of trade schools are undeniable. They teach specific technical skills that can greatly help those who already know what they want to do. Students can join one of these schools if they already know what they want to do. It makes sense for many, and entering into trade school should be a consideration for some students.