2019 TOP TEN

Debra Rosenblum

Noelle Beyer, Social Media Editor

The West Best Bullseye would like to congratulate the class of 2019 Top Ten. These students have proven they’re willing to work hard in order to get things done. Not only have they dedicated countless hours to studying but they’ve also been able to stay focused on school to secure a good future. Academically these students have gone above and beyond and all of West Boca is very proud.


  1. Alexander Karaluz
  2. Michael Amin
  3. Isabella Adler
  4. Jake LeClaire
  5. Victoria Faustin
  6. Grace Li
  7. Rachel Alkins
  8. Samantha Silverstein
  9. Shelby Myers
  10. Marcelo Valdez
  11. Sabrina Levin