6 tips on how to manage school vs social life

6 tips on how to manage school vs social life

Annael Toledano , Staff Writer

As a high school student and a very social butterfly finding the balance between social life and school is often a very time consuming and stressful task. Students are frequently overwhelmed and in need of advice on how to manage their priorities. Here are 6 extremely helpful tips on how to juggle your social and school life.


#1.  Make a Schedule 


Taking a count of all upcoming deadlines and social events is a huge stress reliever. Often a problem of maintaining both a social and school life is not being able to manage time correctly and having to choose between the two. Making a schedule provides the resources to set priorities straight and ensures nothing will be forgotten, as well as avoids the possibilities of two different events happening at once. 


#2. Don’t procrastinate 


Often whenever students are given a homework assignment or deadline, they prefer procrastinating and getting it done the night before. When completing school work as soon as it is received it is not only statistically proven to enhance the grade, but also results in a huge amount of pressure lifted. Procrastination is a huge issue on maintaining a social and school life 

and without it, there can only be great results. 


#3. Join Clubs 


Although school is a very stressful environment filled with lots of time commitments, there are various opportunities available that are a fun and enjoyable time with your friends. Clubs provide different activities that are memorable and allow you to obtain leadership skills. This Combines social and school life, leaving you with the best of both worlds! 


#4. Set goals and deadlines 


Setting goals and deadlines is a crucial task. Having goals allows you to prioritize what you want to accomplish and is a key method on how to maintain a social and school life. For example, if someone New Year’s resolution was to go to the gym every other day, having a list of goals allows them to make sure it was completed and accessible with their school work.  


#5. Steer away from expectations 


Throughout high school, teens often find themselves very overwhelmed with the stressful standards that society provides. A very important aspect of maintaining a social and school life is not working based on everyone else’s expectations, but working in a routine that will benefit you. When completing your school tasks and personal life activities the only person that knows all the details is yourself. So it is crucial to avoid other people’s expectations.


#6 Maintaining a healthy lifestyle


With so many things to do and limited time, it is often difficult to remember that your physical and mental health needs to be a priority. Your well-being is imperative to every aspect of your life and can’t be neglected. A consistent sleep schedule, healthy diet, and time to relax will determine the quality of your decisions. No other step will be more influential on your academic and social life than maintaining your healthy lifestyle.