Fame From West Boca


Blake Saul

West Boca’s own Blake Saul is rocking his way to stardom.

Marcus Concepcion , Staff Writer

For most people, high school is the time in life where you learn to express yourself, figure out who you want to be, and figure out what you want to do in life. Almost everybody has high expectations for themselves or a plan and sometimes through circumstance, chance, and talent future stars are born. Every school has hundreds of unique people and with each and every student there is opportunity and skill. West Boca Community High School is no exception. Few expected Blake Saul to go on and become the guitarist of the band Fame on Fire just two years after his high school graduation in 2011. 

Fame on Fire is a band formed in 2013 right here in South Florida. The band started as a drum cover project but really hit the mainstream when they covered Adele’s “Hello” which hit one million views within a single month of its release. (currently, the video has 21 million views.) Fame on Fire has been very diverse with its sound like covering a rap song with heavy metal or giving a unique take on a popular Linkin Park song. Familiar songs accompanied by their own voice have brought them up to more than just a cover band, but now they are thriving and making their own original music with their own original style.

I recently interviewed the band’s guitarist, Blake Saul, via email and he had a lot of interesting things to say. One of the first things Blake talks about is how he takes inspiration from early 2000’s music such as Linkin Park or Jay-Z. Then I asked if he had any words of inspiration and he did not disappoint. Blake would like to say, for the future graduates of West Boca, “Be excited about for the future and understand that you can literally accomplish anything you want. Have fun in college if you’re going, but either way, focus on your big picture.” I am sure these words mean a lot more than just graduating but are words of advice one can take with them for any challenge in life, especially for someone pursuing a career in the music industry.